After the successful launch of the Genesis Membership in collaboration with Laser 3.14 I knew our next step for House of Peregrine was going to be a yearly membership. This would enable what I like to think of as “cohorts” of years spent in the same city, doing life and collaborating together. Genesis Tokens are lifetime memberships and will be spread around the world with an incredible 1:1 piece of artwork, this was really helpful to get the original 50 members on board across industries and expertise and 250 still remain. “Now is when we bloom” was all set.. Current Genesis members can sell their memberships, And you can still apply to join here. This is an executive level membership and gives you access to the clubs around the world as they are created.

Now onto the next level of engagement and community. A yearly membership was part of the plan from the start. Because our members tend to spend a few months to a few years in a city we wanted a way to be able to interact while they are together physically, as well as continue to be able to connect members long after they are in the same city. This is the magic of web3 and why House of Peregrine is a web3 native community. Connection is much more dimensional and just more fun.

I tagged member Geert Decock from the Genesis creation and I asked Laser if he would again be up for lending his genius to our membership. Laser 3.14 is the perfect artist for our Amsterdam Membership as if you have spent time in Amsterdam at all, you know Laser 3.14. I fell in love with a previous poem of Laser’s “Glow in the Now” and he agreed to lend it to the membership. It seemed to flow perfectly from our brand provocation: “It’s now.” and sets the right tone for the next phase of our growth.

I thought of it a little like “Glow in the Now”…”It’s now”…always. IYKYK even on the hard days, living in a place that suits you is divine.

Now it was concept time. G was charmed by a the thought of using paint a different way in the background of the poem, but how to bring it to life?

I met animator extraordinaire at an event hosted by member Adrienne and asked him to create the animation for Glow in the Now.

We got right to work with the early concept that G brought Bernat gave us some concepts to look over and the magic began.

Kickoff call in July 2023. We were all in different countries/timezones. Bernat in Spain, Geert in Amsterdam, Doug and I in the US (Wyoming).

With Geert’s initial concept in mind Bernat led us through the animation process of getting just the right effect for what we were trying to convey with the poem. A playful and fun interplay of the poem, paint and a little bit of this:





It it no secret that living abroad is exciting, fun and transformative, but it also comes with a lot of unexpected admin, emotional upheaval and impossible decisions. We can hold them all, the light and the dark. Crafting a life story with intention is extra in every way, we are here for it.
A web of people who have been there or are facing the same, to collaborate with, explore with and simply bask in how good life can be.

Glow in the Now” is a call to live in the moments of your life and remember that living intentionally is the point, it is the dream. The highs, the lows, they can all glow. And hey, we are in this together. It’s the life we choose.

You can see an original of the poem while it remains(along with some other amazing artists like Lady Aiko and sket185)

At Slijperweg 6, 1032 KV, Amsterdam