Peregrine Economy

Many ways to connect

Tokens are minted and serve as memberships. Access to the marketplace of IRL curated products, events and content to start.

Think of it as a POAP of sorts for your years abroad in each city, but with incredible utility.


300 (1/1) Laser 3.14
Lifetime Membership

Benefits Include:

  • Exclusive events
  • Access to curated events
  • Opportunities for collaboration
  • 1/1 Artwork @Laser3.14
  • Yearly membership worldwide
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Yearly Membership

  • Early Access to content
  • Curated products and services for life abroad
  • Sell on 2nd hand Market (per city)
  • IRL events in your city
  • Ability to contribute to products & content
  • Exclusive artwork per year
  • Continued Utility beyond membership year
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  • Add products/services to the marketplace
  • Local market training and support
  • exposure opportunities via podcast or events
  • NFC tagging and tracking available for products sold in the marketplace.
  • Secondary sales possible through marketplace
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Read how our members created the artwork for the Genesis Collection on the streets of Amsterdam

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