Curations and Original Products.

Made by and for the people who have been there.

A Circular Approach to community.

In Your New City.

Local and distinctive. From essentials to artifacts.

The average person moving to a new city invests a minimum of 10,000 in their new city. This is the first way our marketplace can come in handy. From second hand(coming soon) to just the right thing from a little known artisan you had no idea you needed we have you covered. This is the beginning of a new chapter in your life.

Adorn it accordingly.

Trailing? Nope.

Web3 brings new possibilites for exchanging value.

We aspire to work with the best and brightest. The untapped talent in our community is unbelievable. Mommy blog? Accounting? Unique products? Healing profession? Licensure that you can’t use in the new city?

Want to collab?

From podcast interviews to writing, to events, to legal ---anything you did in your previous country chances are you can continue this work within the HOP community in some capacity as a contributer.

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HOP Marketplace

Local Curations, Original Products and Services, subscriptions, the ability to resell to others in the community, the aim is to elevate the items you select for your new start and make them artifacts you bring with you to the next. If not, they can stay witin the ecosystem.

Opening soon

”It’s now.”

We chose it because it is true. These are precious, precious years.

Who and what you surround yourself with will shape your life but also the place you find yourself. Our marketplace addresses this unique inflection by addressing sustainability, connection and adopting circular ideologies to benefit the community, the individual and the host city.

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