/peregrin/ Having a tendancy to wander: One from abroad.

Peregrines exist on nearly every continent of the world yet the name literally means outsider. They are the fastest birds in the world, and adapt to their surroundings so are found as often in cities as in nature. When we were searching for a word to define the essence of who we are as a community it was an immediate fit.

Life is just lived differently when you are abroad. The highs are higher, the lows can be lower. We are confronted with identity and belonging, home is where our feet are, and community can be complicated. Peregrines are solitary, smart and adaptable. Unlike our spirit animal however, we like to think the experince can be elevated with other humans doing life together. Knowing it’s likely temporary adds to the magic.

It’s now.

The years spent outside of the place you were born change you for good. It is a lifestage like no other. There is so much depth to be found in having more in common with someone from across the world maybe than those you grew up with. Identifying as “Peregrine” is something we can all relate to after living abroad. Whether by choice or circumstance, you will never be the same.

Now is When We Bloom

Joining House of Peregrine is a call to other kindreds. You want to connect more deeply. With the place, those around you and with yourself. This is not a drill, it is your life.

Glow in the Now