Level Up Romance

Moving abroad comes with so much complexity it’s impossible to imagine until you do it yourself. In the height of these moments you are not only navigating through a sea of emotions, but a list of practical matters that need your attention, the realities of daily living and more. Your romantic partnership is in the center of all of the change, stress, excitement and fear that can come up with a move to a new country.

Karina Lagarrigue, a Life and Sex Therapist helps her clients navigate the upheaval that moving can bring. In this conversation with House of Peregrine founder, Mickelle Weber, Karina shares some of the things we can look out for and consider but also a new set of tools for navigating this new realm with our partners.

You are setting out together for an adventure of a lifetime-take some time to consider how you can remain more connected and enjoy the journey!

Karina Lagarrigue’s bio:

Karina’s research focuses on understanding how and which personal traits (personality, coping mechanisms, strategies, etc.), environmental conditions (social support, culture distance, work, etc.), and motherhood particularities (pregnancy, delivery, breastfeeding, child care, etc.) are PREVENTIVE FACTORS when it comes to adjusting to a new country and the process of becoming a mom.

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