Living Abroad

Did you know that Peregrines exist on nearly every continent of the world but the word means “outsider”?

Mickelle Weber, Founder of House of Peregrine opens up about the concept behind House of Peregrine and what is next for the brand and community. Also she shares why she thinks it’s important that we connect IRL, why creating together as adults is so connecting, and how each country you live in creates a new chapter in your life story.

What can you expect when you join House of Peregrine? A worldwide community of kindreds who create and enjoy life together. A co-created brand about living abroad, a marketplace of curated items, and wisdom from a group of people who had that moment of knowing they needed to fly and did just that.

To connect with fellow kindreds who are living internationally, or if you have always dreamt of living abroad , join us at House of Peregrine for all things international living.