Alex Ingrim MSCI

When you live abroad it looks effortless to the outside world. Like you are living a dream. Your insta life can look deceivingly, effortlessly perfect. A dream! We move counties for varying reasons: more travels, a certain kind of lifestyle, or even a plan for the future. Whatever the reason living abroad brings it’s own very specialized financial puzzles and challenges. This is part of the equation that is very rarely talked about but you don’t have to go it alone!

Enter Alex Ingrim.

Alex Ingrim is an international financial strategist at Chase Buchanan Wealth Management. An American who is living in Italy, he specializes in financial planning for individuals living abroad. He serves individuals from all passport countries to plan well for their journeys but has a particular expertise in Americans living in Europe because of the double tax situation that is unique to US Citizens.

Alex sees living abroad as a life event and has helped many people strategize financially for a move abroad. He has a network of global financial experts as every country and every situation is different, it takes a global village. In this episode Alex speaks to Mickelle about supporting his clients by offering them financial advice and strategy that enables them to live the life they wish to create internationally. If you are considering a move abroad or have are well into your journey this interview will give you a great perspective of how to plan financially for the life you want to live.