Double Dutch

Life living between cultures is different when you’re able to laugh. This is exactly what Derek Mitchell helps us do on lets.double.dutch, his tiktok account that showcases the differences in Dutch, American & British cultures and languages. He’s the boy from Chicago who bought a one way ticket to Amsterdam, seeking a different life and found community and a place to call home . Now as a comedian, writer and actor, most recently appearing in an episode of the popular Apple TV show Ted Lasso, he is living between London and Amsterdam and making us all laugh at the cult in each culture.

In this episode, Derek shares what brought him to Amsterdam and what has lead him to stay. He also talks about the complexities of language and the many layers of nuances we go through as outsiders.

It is an enlightening and fun conversation and reminds us not to take the experiences too seriously, laugh a little and to try and appreciate the other side.