In this episode, we delve into the fascinating journey of Ines Dominguez del Corral, the creative force behind the upcoming play titled “Welcome Home.” A true Peregrine, Ines was born to Colombian parents in Wales, raised in Colombia, educated in a German school, and embarked on a journey that took her through Germany, Austria, and the United States before finally settling in the Netherlands. It’s a place she now calls home, and the feeling of returning to the Netherlands after being away is, for her, a visceral and emotional experience.

In her conversation with Mickelle, Ines opens up about her unique life story and the circumstances that led her to the Netherlands. She also shares what inspired her to create a thought-provoking show that explores the profound concept and meaning of ‘home.‘

For many of us in the Peregrine community, the idea of ‘home’ can be a fluid and evolving one, often distinct from our place of birth, upbringing, or passport country. Ines encourages us to reflect on what ‘home’ personally means to each of us.

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And mark your calendars! “Welcome Home” will be playing on October 18th at 8:30 PM in Tilburg at the Schouwburg Concertzaal. Click here to secure your tickets for this captivating performance.