In this compelling episode of the House of Peregrine Podcast, our guest Eileen Hausel, a former teacher turned expat school consultant, joins host Mickelle Weber for an insightful conversation. Eileen shares her personal journey of relocating to Hamburg as a foreigner and how this transformative experience inspired her to redefine her business’s mission. Now, back in the Netherlands, she dedicates herself to assisting families in finding their home in the Netherlands, making their transition as smooth as possible.

Eileen’s expertise goes beyond just finding schools for children; she also helps families navigate the emotional challenges of moving. She emphasizes the importance of living close to schools, simplifying the logistics for parents who need to commute. Her ultimate goal is to ensure the happiness of both children and their families as they embark on this new chapter.

Tune in as Eileen opens up about the unexpected culture shock she faced living in a neighboring country, highlighting the valuable lessons she learned along the way. She explains why her expat experience was a turning point in her business’s evolution and how it shapes the core structure of her consultancy. Eileen also provides practical advice on effective communication with your child’s teachers, offering insights into building understanding and rapport.

Join us for an engaging and enlightening conversation with Eileen Hausel on the House of Peregrine Podcast, where we explore the challenges and triumphs of expat life and the vital role it plays in shaping her unique approach to helping families.

Eileen runs YES which is Young Expat Services where they offers services to help families find schools and they also offer summer language camp for Dutch students living overseas as well as kids here in the Netherlands learning Dutch as a 2nd language.