In today’s interview, we sit down with Laser 3.14, the renowned street artist and visual poet who grew up in the center of Amsterdam. He shares with us the journey of Laser 3.14. We go way back, offering a glimpse into the life experiences that have been instrumental in shaping his lifelong creativity and what lead to the poems that are now synonymous with the cityscape of Amsterdam. Through his conversation with host Mickelle Weber and Bo Smol, founder of the Dutch Web3 community, they explore the profound influence of music and the dynamic graffiti scene on Laser’s evolution as an artist, from his earliest days of “tagging” to his current status as a celebrated figure in the street art world who recently was featured at Christies and in the Amsterdam Museum archive. They close off with an insight of what Laser thinks NFTs and the Web3 will do for artists and creativity.

Laser 3.14’s interview is not merely an exploration of his artistic evolution; it also uncovers the artist’s deeply ingrained ethics and his unwavering commitment to justice for the people. Don’t miss this episode where the worlds of street art, creative expression, ethics, and community engagement converge in a thought-provoking and inspiring conversation.