In this episode Mickelle speaks to Simone Anzböck, founder of Prosper Abroad which focuses on coaching ambitious international professionals to navigate the inevitable inflection points in career & life that come with living abroad. Simone works with international professionals on a 1:1 basis, but also offers B2B services through her brand Prosper Abroad.

They talk about Simone’s personal experience and how her move to Myanmar, where she had a crisis of identity, led her to building her own coaching practice to support others like her. She now supports international professionals to navigate those difficult moments when you move to a new country and she also shares tools to make it possible to avoid some of those difficult situations.

In this episode, Simone talks about the importance of having anchor points when you move and about giving yourself grace and practicing patience in those early days.

Listen in and learn the tools for yourself, better equipping yourself as you continue your expat journey or preparing you for your next one.