In this episode Mickelle speaks to Stephane Gombauld who is a Tax Technologist and co-founder and CEO of Heavnn. Stephanne is a digital nomad himself and works to support others living a similar lifestyle so that they can live the life they desire, traveling to the areas of the world that interest them and make the most of economical advantages available to digital nomads.

Stephane speaks about why he’s so passionate about the work he does and why he calls himself a tax technologist and why using technology for his work saves everyone involved so much time.

Heavnn uses a unique onboarding form that allows the company to collect all the information they need to collect from their clients. In 10 minutes they have your profile. Then they use tax intelligence - They integrate their system with the tax regulations of multiple countries and based on the clients intake, the company can make suggestions that are truly personalized and works for the clients needs and goals.

This is a must for anyone who identifies as a digital nomad or is thinking of transitioning into one. And for those who are also into NFT’s, Heavnn has some exciting offerings with more on the way. Listen in and let us know what you think!!