In this episode Mickelle speaks to Jeanine Souren and Hans van Wechem from The Experiential Training Institute in Amsterdam. They talk about the effects of psychedelics and the power it has to ease communication in relationships, and especially in couples counseling. Jeanine and Hans both have decades of experience as a doctor and psychologists and learned from personal curiosity and experience the power of psychedelics for themselves. They have seen the power of these plants and now want to share what they discovered and teach other therapists their methods.

So together they founded The Experiential Training Institute in 2022 which is a hands-on teaching environment dedicated to training mental health providers in psychedelic processes. They combined decades of experience to support their clients to navigate the complexities of relationships both with themselves and with others using alternative methods .

In the episode they explore the catalyst that a psychedelic can provide in the process of healing and building relationships`and Mickelle also shares her own experiences in working with Jeanine and Hans and the transformation and growth that it has and continues to have.

Jeanine is a peregrine herself, she is from the Netherlands but lived away for 22 years before returning and settling in Amsterdam. She talks about the complexities that a move of this kind can have on a relationship and the importance of communication and support even when a relationship is going well.

Hans touched on how powerful psychedelics can be even in the ending of a relationship because it allows for deep communication without any hesitation or awkwardness and that can be incredibly freeing and peaceful.

It’s an eye opening conversation. Approaching it with an open mind and heart and you may be pleasantly surprised.