In today’s episode, we delve into microdosing and tea, exploring an alternative to conventional social elixirs. Our focus is on the world of psilocybin truffle-infused teas, specifically the Happy Teas curated by founder of Microdose Together, Sara Budhwani. Sara joins us to share her journey, from the allure of Amsterdam to the the concept of Microdose Together which emerged during the lockdown, offering Sara the time and space to explore the possibilities in the Netherlands. Convinced of the benefits of microdosing, she aimed to make the experience more accessible and social.

Sara’s passion shines as she presents her tea blends as a refreshing alternative to alcohol, promising all the benefits with none of the side effects. With blends crafted for specific functionalities, Microdose Together simplifies the microdosing experience, making it both enjoyable and social. Sara discusses the ingredients, the social possibilities, and the transformative nature of sipping on a cup of Happy Tea.

Let’s redefine how we experience tea and tap into the blissful world of microdosing with adaptogens and how blending the two combines enjoyment and well-being seamlessly.

It’s an eye opening conversation. Approaching it with an open mind and heart and you may be pleasantly surprised.