In this episode of House of Peregrine, Mickelle engages in a heartfelt conversation with her longtime friend, Kris Herwig. Together, they reflect on their serendipitous meeting in Amsterdam, their shared journey into parenthood, and Kris’s poignant farewell to the beloved city she called home.

Kris is an American who married a Swedish boy in America and although they spent a few years in the States, they knew they were the destination for a life abroad. Their first relocation was Germany where they had a great experience but when they moved to Amsterdam, there was a connection and it encompassed the mother she wanted to be.

This is a conversation about love, relationships, the importance of community when moving to a new place and the importance of living, and leaving with intention, and the profound experience it can be.

Kris now lives a different life in her husband’s native Sweden and while she adjusts to her new life, she takes with her the lessons she’s learnt.

Join Mickelle and Kris on this, at times emotional conversation. As a peregrine, you’ll no doubt resonate with alot of this and may even be able to take a tip or two for your next move. Enjoy.

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