Today Mickelle sits down with Marta Mikolajczyk to explore the concept of “living bi-locally.” Marta, a seasoned traveler and professional travel designer for families, shares her unique journey of intentionally crafting a life split between Costa Rica and the Netherlands as well as great insight into traveling with children.

Marta shares the significance of aligning life decisions with personal values and embracing pivotal life transitions with purpose, which we at House of Peregrine revel in.

Marta’s story is a great example of living internationally. She shares how she and her family embarked on a quest to integrate their core values into their lifestyle, ultimately shaping their choice of living in two distinct locations.

As Marta navigated the chapter of motherhood, she made bold career shifts to prioritize flexibility and family time, transitioning into entrepreneurship to design a life that accommodates her children’s needs. Out of which her family travel planning service was born!

This conversation will be a guide if you are being called to pause and consider your values and where you are in your life, or as a fresh take on living your values completely.

If you enjoy the episode we’d love to hear from you and learn what resonated with you most.