Chris Engelsman is a co-founder of European Sleeper, the visionary night train service traversing some of Europe’s most beautiful cities. From its humble beginnings as a crowdfunding project to its current status as a scale up venture, European Sleeper embodies the revival of night trains, rekindling the romance of railway travel.

Through Chris’s journey, we see how a childhood fascination with trains evolved into a passion project that reshapes modern travel.

Chris and his co-founder, Elmer van Buuren, turned their shared love for night trains into a thriving business, driven by a commitment to community engagement and sustainable transportation.

Drawing parallels between train travel and personal connection, Mickelle reflects on her own experiences with night trains, highlighting the unique opportunities they offer for family bonding and immersive exploration.

With European Sleeper’s ambitious plans for expansion, including their newest ambition to complete a route from Amsterdam to Barcelona, the future of night trains has never looked brighter.

Whether you’re a train enthusiast, a startup aficionado, or simply seeking a fresh perspective on travel, this conversation invites you to fall in love with the revival of night train travel. Bonus: Chris shares insights into the innovative funding model behind European Sleeper and provides expert tips for navigating the night train like a pro.

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