Annebet van Mameren, an education placement specialist in Amsterdam, has transformed the lives of many families in our community, including Mickelle’s, who sought Annebet’s support during her relocation to the Netherlands 8 years ago.

Annebet has been advising families for over 10 years, helping more than 1200 families settle into the Dutch education system. She believes passionately in advocating for children because she knows that when kids are happy and settled, the entire family thrives.

Annebet explains why understanding the broader school ecosystem is crucial when making educational decisions for your child. She shares insights into the complexities of the Dutch education system, including some initially unfamiliar approaches that outsiders may find intriguing.

Annebet has a unique approach. This comes through in her philosophical approach, and her personal historical background and knowledge about the Dutch education system.

It’s clear she has a passion for introducing internationals to her city and making them feel at home.

Whether you’re considering a move to the Netherlands or already navigating its educational landscape, this conversation will be invaluable to your children’s educational journey.

For anyone planning to relocate to the Netherlands, we highly recommend engaging Annebet’s services to give your family the best chance at a smooth transition. After all, when the kids are happy, the whole family is likely to thrive.