Eden Chiang is a co-founder of The Oh Collective, a groundbreaking company at the intersection of international living, women’s empowerment, and sexual wellness.

Eden, along with her co-founders Winxi, Diana, and Simona, met while living abroad and bonded over their shared experiences as children of first-generation Asian immigrants. Raised in conservative households where topics of sex and intimacy were taboo, they recognized the global need for a community centered on sexual wellness and women’s pleasure.

Together, they founded The Oh Collective, a platform that not only offers products but also fosters a supportive community where women worldwide can share their stories openly and reclaim their sexual wellness. Eden shares her personal journey, the challenges they faced in launching the company, and their vision for empowering vulva owners globally.

This is an inspiring conversation about the transformative power of international living, advocacy, and the journey to empower women’s sexual freedom.

Listener discretion is advised as we talk openly about sexuality and other topics that may be sensitive or taboo.