Paola Bucciol is a children’s book author and independent publisher known for her debut book, ‘The ABCs of Amsterdam’, a first guide to the capital of the Netherlands.

Paola was curious and began to travel as a teen, which catapulted her interest in different cultures and countries. She was encouraged by her parents to explore her curiosity so after she finished university in Italy, curiosity brought her to Chicago, USA where she would spend the next 10 years before moving to the Netherlands, 5 years ago.

In this conversation on the House of Peregrine Podcast, Paola shares her journey with Mickelle and she talks about her love and interest in architecture and her love of museums which is what first drew her to America where she would then meet her husband.

They also talked about the inspiration behind her book and how the book was something she wished she’d had when she’d first arrived in Amsterdam with her then 1 and 3 year old boys. They discussed what integration looks like when you first arrive and the priorities shift as you look to create a nurturing space for your children. They also discuss the parenting shifts that happen as an international and how we pick and choose the different elements from the childhood norms from the culture we grow up with, and the elements of the cultures we come to know, and how we mold it into something that works for us and our families.

It is a beautiful conversation and we hope you enjoy it.